Exploring the Versatility of Polyester Viscose Stretch Roman Cloth

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Dress, Garment, Shirt, Trousers, Suit 73% poly 24% viscose 3% spandex 4-way stretch

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Fabric Code: Poly rayon spandex ponte de roma fabric
Width:65" Weight: 280GSM
Supply Type: Make to Order MCQ:350kg
Tech :plain dyed weft Knit Construction: 30S TR blend yarn+70ddty/40D Spandex
Color: Any Solid in Pantone/Carvico/Other color system
Leadtime: L/D: 5~7days Bulk:20-30 days based on L/D is approved
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Supply Ability: 200,000 yds/month

Dyeing Process

Polyester viscose elastic Roman cloth can be dyed into different colors by traditional dyeing process. Fabric absorbs dye quickly and evenly, resulting in vibrant, long-lasting colors. The dyeing process involves mixing hot water with dye and applying it to the fabric. Then wash and rinse the fabric to remove any excess dye. The result is a high-quality fabric that can withstand multiple washes without color fading.


Polyester viscose elastic Roman cloth is also an excellent printing fabric. The printing process involves using ink to create various designs and patterns on fabric. Polyester and viscose are wrinkle-resistant, which means the fabric retains its shape even after multiple washes. With printing, countless designs can be created on the fabric, ensuring maximum customization of garments.


Yarn-dyed polyester viscose elastic Roman cloth is a kind of fabric that has undergone a special dyeing process, and the fibers are dyed before weaving. This process ensures that the fabric retains its vibrant colors even after multiple washes. The resulting fabric has a unique look with varying shades, making it suitable for creating intricate patterns and designs.


Hot stamping involves the application of metallic foil or a metallic pattern to polyester viscose elastic roman cloth. This process is perfect for creating luxe or party looks. Foil stamping gives the fabric a shiny effect, perfect for evening gowns, blouses and skirts.

In summary, polyester viscose stretch roman fabric is a versatile fabric that can be enhanced by various processes such as dyeing, printing, yarn dyed, bronzing, etc. The moderate thickness, softness and stretch of this fabric make it a great choice for creating different types of clothing for different occasions. Its durability ensures that the fabric can withstand multiple washes without warping and discoloration. So next time you're looking for a fabric that will make a standout garment, consider polyester viscose stretch roman fabric.


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